The Technology Staff Development Lab at CHS

The Technology Staff Development Lab (TSDL) at CHS provides faculty with a one-stop-shop for training related to technology, and teaching and learning; collaborative opportunities to discuss current technology research and theory; innovative and practical teaching strategies; and knowledge of resources to support technology-enhanced/driven course development.

Additionally, the TSDL provides a space for faculty to experiment with emerging technologies for teaching in order to explore, learn, refine, and perfect the use of technology in teaching within pedagogically sound environments. It also leverages efforts to increase faculty use of the X2 student information system, and increase support for BYOD and other technology-enhanced courses.

Starting with the 2016-2017 school year, Google Apps for Education was introduced and teachers have begun using Google Classroom with their students in addition to the X2 portal.


The Technology Department continues their support of all teachers and students in their technology use which has become even more important as teachers and students transition their work to online sources. The Technology Integration Specialists and Librarians are offering Professional Development courses to Teachers on an ongoing basis. Teachers receive an invitation in their email and choose the workshops which best suit their needs.

Chelmsford teachers and students have been primarily using Google as the platform for curriculum and communication and will continue to do so. The Technology Department is supporting teacher use of the Google apps.



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Teaching Projects with Computers

Teaching Projects with Computers teaches teachers the skills they need to create computer oriented classroom projects. The book has over 15 hours of video that acts a professional development for teachers. If you want to learn how to create teacher projects then this is the book.



The Teachers Awesome App Guide & Resource Book

Pick the very best apps for teachers. You can click on countless videos of apps and videos that teach the iPad basics. The guide teaches you everything you want to know about using an iPad or a tablet in the classroom. This is the best teacher’s app guide period.