Chelmsford Public Schools Middle School Fine & Performing Arts Descriptions

WATCH: Grade 5 Fine & Performing Arts Course Descriptions

Entering Grade 5, your child can decide which arts block class they may be interested in participating next fall. To assist them and you with this process, the below information will provide you with information regarding our Grade 5 Fine and Performing Arts Programs.

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In Grade 5 at Parker, students select either performance music (Band, Chorus, or Orchestra) for a full year, or visual art for half of the year and music concepts and cultures (a general music class building upon skills from grade 4 general music class) for half of the year. These classes are all offered during the school day. Students who take performance music who would also like to explore the grade-level art curriculum are encouraged to join the Art Club, which is an after-school club taught by the school’s art teachers specifically designed for students in Band, Chorus, or Orchestra.

The links below include introduction and demonstration videos that will allow students to see and hear what instruments are available in Band and Orchestra classes, and offer them an opportunity to virtually “meet” the grade 5 music and art teachers.

If your child selects band or orchestra, they should plan to come to school in the fall with an instrument. Please see the following pages regarding options for instrument rentals.

Thank you for your attention;. I hope this will help you and your child make their Fine and Performing Arts course selection for Grade 5.  For more information, contact:

Dr. Christy Whittlesey, PreK-12 Fine and Performing Arts Department Coordinator

Band/Orchestra: Purchasing or Renting Your Instrument

If you plan to purchase an instrument, please contact your middle school director in advance so that they can provide you with information to ensure that you will receive a quality instrument.

Where can I purchase my instrument?

Required materials for Orchestra students:

(You can acquire these through your rental company):

All Instruments: Rosin, a soft cloth, and a music stand to promote proper playing posture at home; the book Essential Elements for Strings 2000, Book 1 for their instrument (violin, viola, cello, or bass). 

Violin and viola: A shoulder rest

Cellos: An endpin anchor. Please do not get the ones that look like a hockey puck because they slip too much–it needs to be on a strap.

Bass: A rockstop (we recommend the plastic ones called ‘Stoppin” as they do not slip).

Required materials for Band students

(You can acquire these through your rental company):

All Instruments: The book Standard of Excellence, Book 1 for their instrument. Stands are recommended, as they promote proper playing posture at home.

Flute: Silk flute swab, tuning rod

Clarinet: Box of 10 strength 3 B-flat clarinet reeds (Vandoren brand recommended), cork grease

Trumpet: valve oil, slide grease

Trombone: Yamaha YAC1021P Trombone Slide Oil

Parker Grades 5-6 Chorus

Parker Grades 5-6 Orchestra

Parker Orchestra Overview

Bass Demonstration

Viola Demonstration

Violin Demonstration

Parker Grades 5-6 Band

Half-Year Art/Half-Year General Music

Studio Arts Overview

Grade 5 General Music

McCarthy Middle School Grade 7-8 Chorus

McCarthy Grades 7-8 Orchestra

VIEW: Bass demonstration

View: Cello Demonstration

VIEW: Viola Demonstration

VIEW: Violin Demonstration

McCarthy Grades 7-8 Band

Clarinet Demonstration

Flute Demonstration

Trombone Demonstration

Trumpet Demonstration

Middle School Fine & Performing Arts Teachers

McCarthy Fine & Performing Arts Staff

Parker Fine & Performing Arts Staff