English Language Education Overview

Chelmsford Public Schools support students and families from diverse backgrounds. We are committed to ensuring that students who are not proficient in English gain the mastery necessary to be successful in an academic environment while meeting state and federal program requirements. We are a mid-incidence district intent on providing quality Sheltered English Immersion programming for English Language Learners that consists of Sheltered subject matter instruction and English language instruction. Sheltered English Instruction services are available in all seven of our schools with a certified EL teacher in each building supporting students.

Our experienced, educated, and creative staff not only actively support student assimilation of the WIDA language standards, Common Core curriculum, and cultural norms, but they also act as an invaluable resource to other faculty and administration on matters relevant to the education and acculturation of Limited English Proficient Students.

In response to the mission of The Chelmsford Public Schools and to fulfill the requirements of the Massachusetts State Law for Limited English Proficient Students, the Chelmsford ELE Program establishes relationships which act both collaboratively and supportively to address the needs of the Limited English Proficient students in grades K-12.