Digital Coursework

All courses in the Business Department have a significant digital component. Students work on school Chromebooks to learn Business skills in all courses. Although this is not a complete list, a few examples include:

  • Research for current business news is done right at their desks from student devices.
  • Business databases for student access contain cases to be reviewed, discussed and shared.
  • Accounting students work on Aplia MindTap online accounting journals.
  • Most courses apply business simulations that are accessed online.
  • Retail Internship students use Square to complete transactions.
  • Moneysmart students use an online educational Stock Trading simulation when studying investing.
  • Retail Marketing students use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to design products.

Google Classroom

Business teachers will demonstrate their Google Classroom on the first day of class to inform students how their assignments can be accessed and submitted. Most assignments will be accessed from there and after completion will be submitted there.