Chelmsford High School Innovation Pathways

Innovation Pathways at Chelmsford High School...

…are designed to give students coursework and experience in a specific high-demand industry, such as information technology, engineering, healthcare, life sciences and advanced manufacturing. Innovation Pathways are designed to create strong partnerships with employers in order to expose students to career options and help them develop knowledge and skills related to their chosen field of study before they graduate high school.

Chelmsford Public Schools will offer high school students pathways into the fields of Business & Finance and Information Technology.

Interested in Innovation Pathways?

How does Innovation Pathways work?

Students complete two skills-based and two advanced courses focused on their pathway choice — in Business & Finance or Information technology — in order to prepare them for a focused internship with a partner company during senior year.

The benefits of Innovation Pathways

Students who are interested in a particular field/industry and choose to follow one of our pathways will have:

  • Access to quality career training.
  • Opportunity for internships and/or industry research focus.
  • Additional academic and career building supports.
  • Potential for college cost savings for students.
  • Improved access to higher education through exposure and experience in college level courses while they attend high school.

Innovation Pathways partners