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Central Administrative Team

Dr Jay Lang
Dr. Jay Lang

Superintendent of Schools

Linda Hersch
Dr. Linda Hirsch

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Ms. Amy Matson

Assistant Director of Student Support Services

Mr. Brian Curley

Director of Facility Services

Ms. Joanna Johnson-Collins

Director of Business & Finance

Cheryl Kirkpatrick
Dr. Cheryl Kirkpatrick

Director of Personnel & Professional Learning,
Title IX Coordinator

Chris O’Donnell

Director of Communications & Media

Ms. Amy Reese Ed. S.

Director of Student Support Services

Mr. Bill Silver

Director of Information, Communication & Technology Services

Ms. Eileen Young

Technology Integration Specialist


Mr Stephen Murray
Mr. Stephen Murray

Chelmsford Highschool Principal


Amy Regan M.Ed BSN RN

Byam Elementary M.Ed BSN RN

Carol Reilly BSN RN NCSN

High School BSN RN NCSN

Donna Foley LPN

Parker Middle LPN

Kathy Rossman BSN RN NCSN

Center Elementary BSN RN NCSN

Linda Robbat MSN RN NCSN

McCarthy Middle MSN RN NCSN

Lisa Kamenides MSN RN NCSN

Parker Middle MSN RN NCSN

Lori Kulis MSN RN

Community Education/Chips MSN RN

Megan Greenwood LPN

High School LPN

Melissa Lombardo BSN RN

Harrington Elementary BSN RN

Peggy Gump
Peggy Gump, M.Ed BSN RN

Coordinator of Nursing Services

Regina Clancy LPN

McCarthy Middle LPN

Shannon Vandevoordt MSN RN

South Row Elementary MSN RN

Co-Chairs of Wellness

Katie Simes

Health Education, Physical Education, Family and Consumer Science Coordinator

Stephanie Quinn, M.A.T

Social Studies Department Coordinator

School Committee

Media Contact

Chris O’Donnell

Director of Communications & Media


Mr. Daniel Hart

Athletic Director

Chelmsford High School Athletics-Lori Martin
Ms. Lori Martin

Assistant Athletic Director

Ms. Angela Hughes

Athletic Secretary


Mr. Peter Brekalis

Transportation Coordinator