Welcome to the Social Science Department!

The Social Science program is designed to assist students in becoming informed citizens, fully aware of the need for ensuring the dignity and worth of the individual, personally involved in improving the society they have inherited, and capable of recognizing the interdependence of all peoples.  The goals of the program are developed through diverse texts and sources, discussions, activities, investigations and research in elementary through high school. The content of these courses draws upon the various social science disciplines including civics, geography, history, sociology, and psychology. These courses develop skills necessary in gathering, analyzing and evaluating information and taking informed action.

Social Sciences Curriculum Review

Social Science teachers in our district have been reviewing, aligning and adjusting their curriculum. The curriculum documents you see here are older versions (prior to the 2018 Massachusetts Social Science Frameworks ) and as new ones are finalized they will be posted to our website for the community. We expect to continue this work throughout the school year as we seek to ensure a high quality curriculum that is inclusive, respectful and engages students to think critically and take action in their community and beyond. We are taking a critical look at our resources and working to build on the diversity of people and perspective represented, going beyond what we have done in the past. We are committed to these efforts and look forward to working with members of the school and wider community.

Should you have any questions about our curriculum revision work, please email Stephanie Quinn, Social Science Department Coordinator.

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Attention 4th Grade parents:  Your students are learning about the geography, climate and beauty of our country this year.  It’s the perfect opportunity to plan a trip to visit one or more parks this spring or summer.  As part of the Every Kid in a Park initiative, 4th graders and their families are eligible for free admission to our amazing National Parks throughout the entire country!  Follow the link for more information on how to get your pass and start planning your trip.  Enjoy these national treasures.



MA:  Lowell National Historic Park, Minute Man National Historic Park, Boston National Historic Park, Cape Cod National Seashore (Provincetown)
NH: White Mountain National Forest
ME: Acadia National Park