At Chelmsford High School, students can choose to enroll in American Sign Language, French, Spanish, or Heritage Spanish. Our courses are designed using the American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL) World Readiness Standards, as well as the new Massachusetts Frameworks for World Languages, approved in 2021. We evaluate students based on their presentational, interpersonal, and interpretive skills in the target language.

In 2022-23, we are excited to add a Heritage Spanish course option. This course is for students who are native speakers of Spanish and/or Hispanic/Latinx and who want to continue learning Spanish for World Language credit. This course will be taught by a native speaker and will focus on literature, culture, history, and identity in the Spanish speaking world.

Heritage Spanish Overview

Overview of all World Language course offerings at CHS

Course Placement Guide for Students and Families

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High School World Language Staff

Mairin Chagnon (French) |

Chelmsford Public Schools-Mairin Chagnon

Veronica Gadbois (French) |

Chelmsford Public Schools-Veronica Gadbois

Chrissy Gill (Spanish) |

Jessica Ferronetti (Spanish) |

Meghan Fitzgibbons (ASL) |

Carlos Martín Carracedo (Spanish) |

Matthew Mulrooney (French/Spanish) |

Chelmsford Public Schools-Matthew Mulrooney

Leire Pérez Quiroz (Spanish) |

Patricia Sanchez (Spanish) |

Stefi Silveri (Spanish) |


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