What is Dual Enrollment ?

  • A program for college ready high school students who want to earn college credit while working towards high school graduation requirements

Who qualifies for Dual Enrollment?

  • High school students in good standing
  • Students who can demonstrate eligibility for college level English
  • Students that have the approval of their guidance counselors or home school advisors
  • Students who have a minimum 2.0 grade point average

What does it Cost?

  • Dual Enrollment students pay reduced tuition costs
  • Currently, Massachusetts dual enrollment students pay $108 per credit
  • Limited funding from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts may be available to state residents to cover the cost of courses that are 3 or more credits, however this funding is not guaranteed

Can dual enrollment students apply for financial aid?

  • Dual Enrollment students are not eligible for financial aid but are eligible for the MCC payment plan.

How many courses do students take each semester?

  • Most dual enrollment students take one or two classes a semester. Students, along with a parent, work with their guidance counselor and an MCC advisor to determine how many classes they will take.

What responsibilities does a dual enrollment student have?

  • Dual enrollment students are responsible for their academic success. This includes, but is not limited to, attending and being on time for class, participating in class discussions, completing assigned reading and submitting assignments on time. 

What services does the college offer dual enrollment students?

MCC is committed to your success and offers:

  • Specialized advising
  • Tutoring
  • Small class sizes
  • Disability support services

How do I apply?

  • See your teacher, guidance counselor or download the application. Be sure to complete the application and ask your guidance counselor to attach a transcript.  Applications should be turned in to Ms. Alex Cunningham at the Career and College Readiness Center by Sept. 23, 2022 for all fall semester or full year courses.