Free One Credit Course: Career & College Exploration I

Chelmsford High School is excited to announce the offering of Career & College Exploration, a free, one-credit course for all freshmen and sophomores. Through our partnership with Middlesex Community College, students are enrolled in this fully online, self-paced course facilitated by our School Counselors.

How it works:

  • Students will access the course through Edgenuity (via Clever) and complete short modules focused on good study habits, time management, and interest exploration (via SCOIR).
  • Students can begin the course anytime after they receive their login information. All course tasks must be completed by June 1, to earn the credit (students who log in just once weekly and complete a few of the tasks will have more than enough time to easily complete the course).
  • Students are encouraged to use time in Plus Block to complete the course (at least once per week). Additionally, Alex Cunningham, Career and College Readiness Facilitator, will intermittently run Pride Blocks in the Career and College Center for students to work on the course with support.
  • Students will receive logins and instructions on how to access Edgenuity and SCOIR before the winter break. We will notify you when they are able to access the course.
  • Upon completion of Career & College Exploration 1,  you will be eligible to complete Career & College Exploration 2, for a second FREE college credit.

For more information about the course, please review the syllabus and information sheets below.  School Counselors can answer any additional questions you may have.

Career & College Exploration I-Description/Syllabus