2024-25 Health Benefits for Employees and Under 65 Retirees

To enroll for health insurance, employees need to provide a copy of a marriage license if enrolling a spouse.

Short and Long Term Disability Insurance

Retiree 65+ Health Insurance Plans

2021 Blue Medicare RX Summary of Benefits
2021 Medex 2 Plan Summary of Benefits
Managed Blue for Seniors
Medicare Part B Application for Employee Signature
Medicare Part B Application for Employer Signature


  • All Town retirees qualify for Medicare Part A.
  • Town retirees must apply for Medicare Part B at age 65 to qualify for a Medicare Supplement offered by the Town of Chelmsford.
  • Applications for Medicare Part B to start July 1 for new retirees need to be submitted at least 4 months prior to retirement (by April).
  • Medicare Part B can be waived by the retiree if the retiree insures through a spouse who is actively employed, but may enroll in a 65+ Supplemental Plan with the Town of Chelmsford during November Annual Open Enrollment for January 1 benefit activation.