2019 - 2020 CPS Parent Satisfaction Survey

The mission of the Chelmsford Public Schools is to educate, engage, prepare, and empower well-rounded and knowledgeable learners who PERSEVERE through challenges, demonstrate RESPECT and INTEGRITY in their words and actions, are DEDICATED to their community, and display EMPATHY as global citizens while discovering and pursuing their full potential.

The Chelmsford Public Schools is committed to providing all students with multiple pathways to optimize their own potential for academic excellence, leadership, and social and emotional wellness.  Our students’ success is anchored in the high expectations of teachers who are part of a professional, collaborative culture that demands a continuous focus on instructional improvement.  It is our responsibility that every student feels safe, cared for, appropriately challenged, and supported in our schools.  Our students’ successes are celebrated within and across schools as well as throughout the broader community.  Parents and the Chelmsford community are connected to the daily life of our schools through consistent, multidirectional and multi-modal communication, which builds external support for and pride in the district, schools, teachers, and students.  As a result of high-quality teaching, meaningful partnerships, and well-resourced schools, our students contribute to the Chelmsford community as self-directed, creative, and well-rounded learners who are ready to become the innovative leaders of tomorrow.

I would like to receive feedback on how you feel the Chelmsford Public Schools are meeting your expectations for your child’s learning.  Thank you in advance for taking your time to complete the survey concerning your child’s school.  Your feedback and participation is important to help us continue providing excellent service to you and all parents/guardians of our children and to our community.  The survey responses will be analyzed to determine what is working well in our schools and any areas that may need improvement in the coming years.  Your input is important to me.

The Parent Satisfaction Survey may be found at: https://forms.gle/kfcHvB8HKY8LRi4V8.

Yours truly,

Jay Lang, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools