Who has to pay the fee and who does not have to pay the fee for bus transportation?

Chelmsford Public Schools will follow school transportation criteria set by the Massachusetts Department of Education as follows. (Massachusetts General Law Chapter 71 Section 68).  All students in grades K-6 who live more than two miles from their attending school will be entitled to free bus transportation paid for by the Chelmsford Public Schools. Those that live closer than 2 miles, as well as all students in grades 7-12, will have to pay the transportation fee in order to ride the school bus. If you qualify for free and reduced lunch, you can also qualify for free transportation. However, a new application must be completed and approved for each school year before receiving the bus pass. They are made available on the website after July 1, each summer. If approved, you must provide the award letter to CPS transportation to receive your bus pass.

I am not required to pay a fee and I currently ride the bus during the 2022-2023 school year. Do I need to register to ride the bus during the 2023-2024 school year?

YES. All students must register every year.

How do I register and pay the fee for bus transportation?

Information for registration for 2023-24 will be posted by June 01, 2023 for all students. If you are a registered CPS Student, you will be required to register and pay online (if applicable) using MySchoolBucks which provides you the opportunity to pay online by credit, debit, or EFT withdrawal from your checking account. New incoming students can use either the student ID number or the birthdate to register.

How is the two-mile distance from each school calculated accurately?

The two-mile distance from a student’s school is measured using the shortest driving route over public ways to the student’s address. This is measured from the end of the student’s residential driveway to the main entrance of the school they attend. We based our distance findings using existing Transfinder calculations which were then confirmed using Google Maps. We have created a street list of fee or no fee for transportation, however the streets listed may be different depending on the actual mileage from the exact address. Parents are advised to check Google maps for actual mileage using the shortest route. Free transportation by distance only applies to grades K-6.

What if my student only needs to be transported to school in the morning or from school in the afternoon, do I still pay the full fee?

YES. By registering you are securing your student’s seat on the bus for the entire school year as well as to and from school each day.

Is there a family cap on the bus transportation fee?

YES. There is a $500.00 family cap on the bus transportation fee.

  • 1 Student=$200
  • 2 Students=$200 each
  • 3 Students=$166.66 each
  • 4 Students=$125 each
  • 5 Students=$100 each

Is there a discount on the bus transportation fee if paid early?

YES. For the 2023-24 school year, a discount of $25 per child will be given if paid before July 4 , 2023 (family cap of $400).

  • 1 student=$175
  • 2 Students=$175 each
  • 3 Students=$133.33 each
  • 4 students=$100 each
  • 5 students=$80 each

(See item 2 above: How do I register and pay for the bus transportation)

Is there a late fee if I do not purchase my pass by a certain date?

YES. A $25 fee, per pass, will be assessed if you do not purchase your pass by Aug. 1, 2023.

When will I receive my pass?

Bus passes will be mailed before the first day of school.

If my student only rides the bus two or three days a week, do I still pay the full bus transportation fee?

YES. by registering you have secured your student(s) seat on a bus to and from school every day for the entire school year.

Can I pay the bus transportation fee in installments?

NO. The transportation fee must be paid in full at the time of the application in order to receive a bus pass.

If there is a family emergency or if there is inclement weather and I am unable to transport my student to or from school may I receive a temporary bus pass for my student?

NO. Only students who have been registered for transportation and have a valid bus pass may ride the bus. However, we would look at each case individually and try to work out what is in the best interest of the student.

For half-days, due to bad weather or teacher professional development, will students without bus passes be transported home?

NO. Only students who have been registered for bus transportation and who have a valid bus pass will be transported home.

If I register for bus transportation after the school year begins is there a prorated fee?

The transportation fee will be $225.00 thru Jan. 31 which includes $25 late fee. On Feb. 1, through the end of the school year in June, the fee will drop to $100.00 per pass.

Refunds – Am I eligible for a refund if I move out of district or if I decide not to ride the bus anymore, etc.?

NO. There are no refunds.

My student has just received his/her license and we paid for the bus pass. Do we have to pay for the parking fee at the High School also?

There are no refunds for the bus pass, but the parking pass at the high school is currently free. Please contact the high school directly about parking passes.

My student has a special education plan and is transported via a special education bus. Must I still complete a transportation registration for my child?

NO. Special Education transportation would be indicated and included under a student’s special education plan.

My student is temporarily on crutches. Can he/she receive special transportation?

NO. However, if your student is registered for and rides the regular bus, he/she may continue to do so. If not, transportation is the responsibility of the parent.

Can my child ride a bus other than their assigned bus?

Your child must ride their assigned bus. If there is a daycare issue, please contact the school your child attends.

Can the bus pickup and drop off at a daycare?

YES. You are allowed to use an alternate site. However, the alternate site must have an address within the student’s school district. All requests must be made via email to CPS transportation and must be for five days per week. Please provide the name of the alternate site, the address and a contact person.

For more information, contact the Chelmsford Public Schools Transportation office: