2022 Chelmsford High School Senior Awards

CHS Celebrates Class of 2022 Senior Award Recipients

Sachi Badola, Elizabeth Silva, Ellen Angwin earn Student of the Year honors

CHELMSFORD, MA (June 14, 2022) – Senior Sachi Badola was named the Student of the Year for Whittier House while seniors Elizabeth Silva and Ellen Angwin were named the students of the year for Hawthorne and Emerson houses as Chelmsford High School announced its Class of 2022 Senior Award recipients Thursday June 2, at the Carl J. Rondina Performing Arts Center.

The honor was one of 10 awards for Ms. Badola, who will study engineering at Dartmouth College in the fall. She, along with Ms. Silva and Ms. Angwin, was one of several seniors who earned multiple honors at the ceremony. Ms. Badola was also cited for graduating third in among 332 students in the Class of 2022 and was named an Advanced Placement (AP) Diploma candidate along with Ms. Silva.

The Whittier House September 2021 Student of the Month, Ms. Badola also received the House Lion Spirit of Community and Lion Service awards and, along with Ms. Angwin, received a Certificate of Merit from the Society of Women Engineers of Boston. An award-winning actor and vocalist, Ms. Badola was presented with the Musical Theatre Award as well as the Andrew Pasquale Honorary Math Award.

Ms. Badola was also selected the recipient of the Daughters of the American Revolution-Massachusetts Chapter Good Citizen Nominee.

The Class of 2022 Valedictorian, Ms. Angwin was honored six times during the ceremony, highlighting with Gold Medal Scholar honors for ranking tops in the class as well as the Lion Spirit of Community Award for Emerson House. The Emerson September Student of the Month, Ms. Angwin also received the Mock Trial Above and Beyond Award. She will attend Carnegie Mellon University in the fall to study engineering and continue her basketball career.

Ms. Silva, who will attend Boston College, received five awards including an AP Diploma Certificate and the Lion Spirit of Community Award. A mainstay on CHSTv, she received the Chelmsford Telemedia Service Award with senior Sarah Evans, who won six honors on the day. Ms. Silva was named the Hawthorne House Student of the Month in September.

Along with the Chelmsford Telemedia Service honors, Ms. Evans was named a Gold Medal Scholar for placing fifth in the class and received a Certificate of Merit from the Boston Society of Women Engineers. She also was named the recipient of the Department of Social Studies Award.

Ms. Evans will attend Grinnell College (Iowa) in the fall.

Seniors Larry Yang, Vishant Raajkumar and Ganesh Danke each took home multiple honors. The Class Salutatorian and Gold Medal Scholar, Mr. Yang was also honored with the Lion Spirit of Community Award, Massachusetts Foreign Language Association Award for French and the Science Team Above and Beyond Award. The Hawthorne House September Student of the Month, Mr. Yang will attend New York University this fall.

Mr. Raajkumar, who graduated fourth in the class, received an AP Diploma Certificate and earned the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Seal of Biliteracy for his proficiency in Spanish. The Emerson House September Student of the Month (with Ms. Angwin), Mr. Raajkumar received the Math Team Above and Beyond Award alongside Mr. Danke, and the Math Department Award.

Mr. Raajkumar will major in physics at Carnegie Mellon.

Mr. Danke was an AP Diploma Candidate and the recipient of the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) Above and Beyond Award. He also received the DESE Seal of Biliteracy in Spanish and was named the March Student of the Month for Emerson House.

Mr. Danke will attend Northeastern in August.


View the complete list of awards below:

Chelmsford High School Class of 2022 Senior AwardsChelmsford High School Class of 2022 Senior Awards

Class of 2022 Awards – June 2, 2022

Carl J. Rondina Performing Arts Center

Students of the Year

  • Ellen Angwin (Emerson House)
  • Elizabeth Silva (Hawthorne House)
  • Sachi Badola (Whittier House)

Gold Medal Scholars (Recognition of the top scholars of the Class of 2021)

  • Sarah Evans – 5th in class
  • Vishant Raajkumar – 4th in class
  • Sachi Badola – 3rd in class
  • Larry Yang – Salutatorian
  • Ellen Angwin – Valedictorian

2022 Class Representatives Above and Beyond Awards

  • Emma Donovan

LIME (Leaders in Motion Everywhere) Above and Beyond Award

  • Katherine Mason
  • Daniel Schiefen

Advanced Placement Diploma Candidates

  • Sachi Badola
  • Campbell Brown
  • Ruby Collins
  • Ganesh Danke
  • Kata deMoulpied
  • Sarah Evans
  • Jackie Pottle
  • Vishant Raajkumar
  • Elizabeth Silva
  • Sara Silva

Rebello Scholarship

  • William Lambert

Art Achievement Awards

  • Digital Art: Daniel Jeong
  • Studio Art: Meghan Hynes

Emerson House Students of the Month

  • September: Ellen Angwin & Vishant Raajkumar
  • October: Marcos Hernandez & Allie LoCoco
  • November: Sarah Evans & L.J. Robson
  • December: Kara deMoulpied &Michelle Mwangi
  • January: Shoumik Kundu & Ashton Rich Roxas
  • February: Aisling Frugoli &Collin Robinson
  • March: Ganesh Danke & Julia Pitts
  • April: Siya Gunda & Rahil Patel
  • May: Chloe D’Agostino & Abigail Rice
  • June: Fawad Hussein & Jackie Pottle

Child Development/Community Education Award

(For excellence in the Early Childhood program)

  • Aisling Frugoli

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award

  • Samuel Hargett

John Phillip Sousa Award

  • Nichola LaCava

Director’s Award for Band

  • Katherine Mason

Director’s Award for Chorus

  • Megan Dunn

National School Choral Awards

  • Sophia Bruetsch

Director’s Award for Orchestra

  • Douglas Desmarais

National School Orchestra Award

  • Frank Tsui

Hawthorne House Students of the Month

  • September: Elizabeth Silva & Larry Yang
  • October: Katrina Janakos & Daniel Schiefen
  • November: Campbell Brown & William Walsh
  • December: Rania El Hakkaoui & Michael Khela
  • January: Theodor Farag & Madeline Priestly
  • February: Christopher Bartos & Lara Soliman
  • March: Adam Lizine & Sara Silva
  • April: Lily Daigle & Nicholas LaCava
  • May: Benjamin Hogan & Grace Mattsen
  • June: Arina Kondakchyan & Kyle St. Peter

Commonwealth Award for Exemplary Community Service

(Awarded to a high school junior or senior who has distinguished his/herself based on community service activities)

  • Michael Khela

Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) Above and Beyond Award

  • Ganesh Danke

Lion Spirit of Community Award

(Those who demonstrate outstanding commitment to serving our community and are hereby recognized as the top student volunteers at CHS)

Emerson House

  • Ellan Angwin
  • Marcos Hernandez
  • Fawad Hussein
  • Allie LoCoco
  • Michelle Mwangi
  • Ashton Rich Roxas

Hawthorne House

  • Campbell Brown
  • Michael Khela
  • Emily Magnant
  • Abdul Rafay
  • Elizabeth Silva
  • Larry Yang

Whittier House

  • Sachi Badola
  • Sofia Balan
  • Sankalp Bhoyer
  • Lyla El-Gamel
  • Maggie Holden
  • Katherine Mason

Give Club Above and Beyond Awards

  • Lea Mitchell

Society of Women Engineers Boston- Certificates of Merit

  • Honors: Sarah Evans
  • High Honors: Sachi Badola
  • Highest Honors: Ellen Angwin

Michael Tate Honorary Awards for Science Excellence

  • Theodor Farag
  • Abigail Rice

Ralph Sherwood Honorary Science Award

  • Caitlin O’Brien

Interact Club Above and Beyond Award

  • Taylor Perkins

Massachusetts Foreign Language Association Awards

(Conferred upon the student who has demonstrated the highest achievement in the most advanced course of each language taught)

  • ASL: Megan Smith
  • French: Larry Yang
  • Spanish: Joseph Baker

Seal of Biliteracy Awards

(Recognizing seniors who have demonstrated proficiency in English and a world language)

  • Joseph Baker (Spanish)
  • Ruby Collins (Spanish)
  • Lily Daigle (French)
  • Ganesh Danke (Spanish)
  • Kara deMoulpied (Spanish)
  • Brianna Figueroa (Spanish)
  • Jennica Hamm (Spanish)
  • Fawad Hussein (Spanish)
  • Daniel Jeong (Korean)
  • Arina Kondakchyan (Spanish & Russian)
  • Shoumik Kundu (Spanish)
  • Maggie Li (Spanish)
  • Katherine Mason (Spanish)
  • Cheyenne Paladini (Portuguese)
  • Aidan Phuong (French)
  • Vishant Raajkumar (Spanish)
  • Abdul Rafay (Korean)
  • Sofia Rodriguez (Spanish & French)
  • Lara Soliman (Arabic)
  • Larry Yang (French)

Language Opportunity Coalition Biliteracy Achievement and Attainment Awards

  • Athul Ashok (Spanish & Malayalam)
  • Fawad Hussein (Urdu)
  • Samantha Malone (Spanish)
  • Alyson Moore (Spanish)
  • Allison Shalek (French)
  • Vanshika Singh (Hindi)
  • Lara Soliman (French)

Whittier House Students of the Month

  • September: Sachi Badola & Katherine Mason
  • October: Joseph Baker & Alyson Moore
  • November: Maggie Holden & Michael Stagnone
  • December: Sankalp Bhoyer & Hailey Peffer
  • January: Brianna Figueroa & Nosa Osaretin
  • February: Athul Ashok & Vanshika Singh
  • March: Sofia Balan & Chloe Molinari
  • April: Griffin Hart & Mahamaya Pai
  • May: Lyla El-Gamel & Aidan Phuong
  • June: Sophie Boucher & Erin McNulty

Theatre Guild Above and Beyond Awards

  • Grace Mattsen
  • Adam Post

Musical Theatre Award

  • Sachi Badola

Andrew Pasquale Honorary Math Awards

  • Sachi Badola
  • Michael Khela

Project Lead the Way Above and Beyond Awards

  • Dante Giles

Robotics Above and Beyond Award

  • Adam Post

UMass Lowell Business School Award

  • Joseph Baker
  • Alyson Mireault

Lions Locker School Store Award

  • Marissa Quinn

CHSTv Above and Beyond Awards

  • Leo Earley
  • Avery Marr

Chelmsford Telemedia Service Awards

  • Sophie Boucher
  • Sarah Evans
  • Elizabeth Silva

Technology Trouble Shooting Above and Beyond Awards

  • Brendon Davidson
  • Damara Grand

Lead Like a Girl Club Above and Beyond Award

  • Siya Gunda

Best Buddies Club Above and Beyond Award

  • Aisling Frugoli

Science Team Above and Beyond Award

  • Larry Yang

Math Team Above and Beyond Awards

  • Athul Ashok
  • Ganesh Danke
  • Shoumik Kundu
  • Vishant Raajkumar

The Voice Above and Beyond Awards

  • Josie Lee

Yearbook Above and Beyond Awards

  • Lily Daigle

Mock Trial Above and Beyond Awards

  • Ellen Angwin
  • Connor Quirbach

PRIDE Awards

(Students who have exemplified one or more of the attributes of our PRIDE values: Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Empathy)

Emerson House

  • Mia Beauchesne
  • Emma DiTavi
  • Brooke Kelley
  • Michelle Mwangi
  • Cheyenne Paladini
  • Thomas Pratt
  • J. Robson
  • Tegan Wink

Hawthorne House

  • Vyom Bhatnagar
  • Sophie Bruetsch
  • Nicholas Carmillo
  • Miranda Crawford
  • Douglas Desmarais
  • Abhiram Garre
  • Jennica Hamm
  • Samuel Hargett
  • Jennie Huynh
  • Katrina Janakos
  • Daniel Jeong
  • Emily Magnant
  • Grace Mattsen
  • Ella McDuffie
  • Bryan Vilatore

Whittier House

  • Brianna Figueroa
  • Maggie Holden
  • Mallory Murphy
  • Arya Patel
  • Jorgia Shick

Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators Association Student Achievement Award

(In recognition of outstanding contributions to the school)

  • Allie LoCoco

Lion Service Awards


  • Ganesh Danke
  • Aisling Frugoli
  • Allie LoCoco
  • Ashton Rich Roxas
  • Neva Sa


  • Christopher Bartos
  • Ella McDuffie
  • Nicholas LaCava
  • Daniel Schiefen
  • Sara Silva


  • Joseph Baker
  • Sachi Badola
  • Maggie Holden
  • Katherine Mason
  • Vanshika Singh

Daughters of the American Revolution-Massachusetts Chapter Good Citizen Nominee

Sachi Badola

CHS Department Awards

  • Alyson Mireault (Business Education)
  • Sophie Boucher (CHSTv)
  • Nancy Vi (Computer Science
  • Abigail DuPont (English)
  • Adam Lizine (Health Education)
  • Vishant Raajkumar (Mathematics)
  • Dan Schiefen (Music)
  • Emma Ruggiero (Physical Education)
  • Michael Khela (Science)
  • Sarah Evans (Social Studies)
  • Vilaivanh Khamphilavanh (Technology-Architecture)
  • Frank Tsui (Technology-Engineering)
  • Avery Marr (Visual Art)
  • Jackie Pottle (World Language)


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