Chelmsford High School TAMY Award

Chelmsford Junior Sachi Badola Named Recipient of TAMY Award for Musical Theater Solo

WATCH: Sachi Badola performs ‘What Baking Can Do’

CHELMSFORD, MA (Nov. 16, 2020) – Chelmsford High School junior Sachi Badola was named the recipient of the Best Musical Theater Solo as Mount Wachusett Community College’s Theater At the Mount announced its first of seven monthly TAMY Award winners Sunday.

Should Chelmsford High School win further awards, it will remain in contention to receive a full two-year scholarship to MWCC, the grand prize for the 2020-21 TAMY Awards. Each award is announced on the 15th of each month through April in seven different categories.

Ms. Badola performed and submitted ‘What Baking Can Do,’ from the film-turned-musical Waitress. Last week, along with CHS senior Allison Dorsey, she was named among five finalists among 45 student entries covering 12 high schools.

“It really means a lot to me, especially during a time when we cannot have our normal fall musical and other musical events,” Ms. Badola said. “Mrs. (LaurenCochran and Mrs. (AmandaRoeder are both so dedicated and committed to helping us. They are always supportive of everyone and really empower us to be creative and take risks. They are so passionate about the arts and the pandemic doesn’t stop their enthusiasm.

“I am so grateful to all the performing arts and life lessons I have learned from the Chelmsford Performing Arts program,” she added.

Since the first year of the TAMY Awards in 2006-07, CHS has earned 54 honors – 28 by individuals and 26 by cast.

The format for the 2020-21 TAMY Awards was adjusted due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its effect on Theater programs. “Covid-19 has affected the music community but Theatre at the Mount put together a wonderful series of challenges for students to keep growing and sharing their love to perform,” Ms. Badola said.

Awards will be presented each month through April including Make-Up Design (November), Duet Scene (December), Set Design (January), Monologue (February), Props to the Choreographer (March) and Musical Duet (April).