Chelmsford High School Museum of American Bird Art

Chelmsford High School Student Artwork Selected for Museum of American Bird Art Exhibit

CHELMSFORD, MA – Chelmsford Public Schools is pleased to announce that a piece created by Chelmsford High School sophomore student artists has been selected for exhibit this spring by the MA Audubon Society. Avery Marr created the piece “Coming in For a Landing” in Studio 1 Art, and it will be exhibited at the Museum of American Bird Art at the Massachusetts Audubon Society Art Exhibit beginning in April 2020 as part of their Exhibit, “Taking Flight: Juried Youth Bird Art Exhibition.”  This annual exhibition is open to any children and young adults age 4 to 18 years old.

Congratulations to Avery for this impressive accomplishment!

For more information about Chelmsford students’ participation in the “Taking Flight: Juried Youth Bird Art Exhibit”, please contact art teacher Teresa Karangioze at

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