Chelmsford High School musicians

Chelmsford High School Musicians to Perform at Symphony Hall for Massachusetts Music Educators Association All-State Festival

In late November, over 1100 music students from public and private schools across the Northeastern part of Massachusetts auditioned for the 2020 Northeast Senior District Music Ensembles. Out of this group, approximately 450 students from grades nine through twelve were selected to participate in this prestigious Massachusetts Music Educators Association (MMEA) event, 22 of which were from Chelmsford High School. These students performed at a concert in Wakefield, MA on Saturday, January 11.

In addition to having these 22 students accepted into Senior Districts, students who received a score in the top 50% of their area were eligible to audition for the MMEA All-State Ensembles. This year, 12 band, chorus, and orchestra students received an All-State recommendation, and

we are pleased to report that this year, 4 CHS musical students have been selected to perform with All State Ensembles!

Those students selected for the All-State Ensembles will stay in Boston March 5-7 to work with world-renowned conductors. After a few intense days of rehearsal, the ensembles will perform at Symphony Hall in Boston on March 7, 2020.

The program is offered by the MMEA as an enrichment opportunity providing a musical experience to dedicated young musicians.

In addition to performing at Symphony Hall, the students participating in the MMEA All-State Festival will be featured in a winter episode of the CPS Fine Arts Department TV show, “Spotlight on Fine Arts,” that airs on Chelmsford Telemedia.

The following CHS students have been selected to participate in MMEA All-State Ensembles:

  • Zoe Adoniou, Grade 11, CHS Chorus
  • Kaitlyn Kaminuma, Grade 9, CHS Orchestra
  • Ethan Meltzer, Grade 11, CHS Orchestra
  • Delaney Schiefen, Grade 12, CHS Chorus

The CHS music Directors work diligently to develop students’ skills and to facilitate the audition for and participation in the All-State Festival.

Special thanks to Chelmsford Friends of Music, which generously pays registration fees for those students accepted into the All State Festival.

For more information on the Chelmsford Fine and Performing Arts Program, please contact Department Coordinator Christina Whittlesey at

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