Chelmsford student musicians-MMEA

30 Chelmsford Student Musicians to Perform at the 2020 MMEA Northeast District Junior Music Festival

This year, many of Chelmsford’s band, chorus, and orchestra students have worked diligently with their ensemble and private lesson teachers to prepare for state-level music events, including the MMEA’s Northeast District Junior District Festival. The talent and drive of these students is consistently demonstrated through the sheer numbers of students who are accepted each year, and this year has produced another crop of successful auditions!

After auditions of approximately 1,000 students from more than 95 public and private schools held on February 1, students from grades seven through nine were selected to participate in the prestigious Massachusetts Music Educators Association Northeastern Junior District Festival. The program is offered by the MMEA as an enrichment opportunity providing a musical experience to dedicated young musicians. The students were selected to perform in the Junior District Concert Band, Jazz Band, Orchestra, Girls Chorus, and Boys Chorus.  They will rehearse with guest conductors and then perform in a concert to be held at Galvin Middle School in Wakefield, MA on March 28.

This year, 30 students from Chelmsford High School, McCarthy Middle School and Parker Middle School in Chelmsford have been selected to participate in the MMEA Northeast Junior District Festival.

Students Representing the Chelmsford Public Schools in the MMEA Junior District Festivals will be:

  • Sarah Buliszak, CHS Band^
  • Robert Cunningham, CHS Band
  • Kenneth Damon, CHS Band+
  • Jack Dorsey, CHS Band*+
  • Jamie Garber, CHS Band
  • Brian Miller, CHS Band
  • Rachel O’Brien, CHS Band
  • Bennett Prees, CHS Band
  • Sarah Roch, CHS Band
  • Hope Zhao, CHS Band
  • Cailin Deutschmann, McCarthy Chorus
  • Marcus Larkin, McCarthy Band
  • Carter Lindberg, McCarthy Band
  • Christina Miller, McCarthy Band
  • Zeba Mohid, McCarthy Chorus
  • Lindsay Monke, McCarthy Chorus
  • Joshua Moore, McCarthy Band
  • Jack Tallent, McCarthy Band
  • Amanda Wang, McCarthy Band+
  • Elija Colbert, Parker Chorus
  • Jessica Jerusal, Parker Chorus
  • Cynthia Lu, Parker Orchestra
  • Shreya Madhu, Parker Chorus
  • Norah Nolan, Parker Chorus
  • Kyle Pinto, Parker Band
  • Alessia Rosa, Parker Chorus
  • Ryan Spooner, Parker Band
  • Kaylee Thompson, Parker Chorus
  • Isabella Travers, Parker Chorus
  • Keya Upadhyay, Parker Band

*Denotes Junior District Jazz Band

+ Denotes First Chair Position

^Denotes Band Student Selected for Junior District Symphony Orchestra  

The middle and high school ensemble directors work diligently to facilitate their students’ auditions and develop their musical skills and knowledge. These directors are:

  • Matthew Sexauer, CHS Band
  • Amanda Roeder, CHS Chorus
  • Kate Comeau, CHS Orchestra
  • Sean Wright, McCarthy Band
  • Jodi Richardson, McCarthy Chorus
  • Susan Slocum, McCarthy Orchestra
  • Eric Linsner, Parker Band
  • Jon Abrams, Parker Chorus
  • Lisa Tiano, Parker Orchestra

Special thanks to Chelmsford Friends of Music; this organization generously covers registration fees of students participating in the Junior District Festival.

For more information, please contact Christina Whittlesey, Fine and Performing Arts Department Coordinator, at